Dharma-ending period

Li places his teachings of Falun Gong during the ‘Dharma-ending period’, which is described by the Buddhists as a time of a decline in morality. The current era is called ‘Fa rectification’ according to Falun Gong teachings, a time of changes in the universe and redevelopment. The need for Fa rectification is because of the lack of morality and social decline. The campaign against Falun Gong by the Chinese government after 1999 is a clear symptom of the decline in morality. During the rectification period those who are good people will reach high spiritual levels and those that are bad will be banished or excluded. Li believes he can restore the Dharma by spreading the word of his teachings to others.

Some academics believe that Li’s talk of the ‘Fa rectification’ during the time of the ‘last havoc’ as being apocalyptic. Another scholar, Benjamin Penny puts forward the notion that the teachings of Li are more inline with the Buddhist believe of the cycle of the Dharma. It is also to be noted that there is no fixation with the subject of death in Li’s writing and there is no ‘time of reckoning’ discussed or any predictions about an apocalypse.