The five exercises of Falun Gong

As well as practicing ethical philosophy, there are four exercises where you stand andone meditatingexercise in which you sit. These exercises are not as important as moral elevation, but are avery importantpart of the practice. The initial exercises are thought to free the energy flowing around the physical form and uncover the meridian system. The next exercise is named the ‘Falun standing stance’ where you hold four stances, which look like you are held onto a wheel, overa long period of time. The practice of these exercises is so that one becomes wiser, stronger and increases their spiritual strength. The third exercise is where there are three collections of activities to remove bad energy and to absorb good energy, which cleanse and purifies the human form. The next is practiced to let energy flow through the body. The fifth and final exercise is done sitting down in the lotus position andit should be performed for a long time.

These exercises can be performed alone or with other people and the time spent on each exercise is down to each person’s needs. Those following the practice of Falun Gong are expected to perform the exercises and read the books of Falun Gong every day if possible. People performing Falun Gong can be seen in a wide variety of settings such as in parks as a group, in over seventy different countries. Someone who is showing the group how to perform the exercises for free normally teaches these groups. As well as the exercises already described a new meditating exercise was brought in which is thought to lessen the effects of ill treatment on the spiritual journey.

A study was carried out which looked at the genetic profile of six people who practiced Falun Dafa. The results showed that they had better immunity, a down regulation of cellular metabolism, a change in apoptotic genes and a very fast reduction of inflammation.